Roopkund trek. A Himalayan kaleidoscope of colors, elements and experiences

The Roopkund trek is a relatively easy-to-do trek in the Indian Himalayas. Yet, it's one of the most sought after treks because it provides more than a peek into the entire gamut of a classic Himalayan trek. From dense forests to lush grasslands to surreal glacial moraines to a legend-laced lake and eventually the realms of the eternal snow, the Roopkund trek offers everything. 

Like many classic Himalayan treks, here also stunning vistas and unreal dreamscapes combine with the mountain climate to create a melange of impressions on the impressionable mind. Like any Himalayan trek, it's also not really possible to capture the essence of the experience in one post. 

This post does not attempt to do that either. What it attempts to do is touch upon the crux of that experience as it happened to me. The impressions, experiences and feelings here are entirely mine and you may not exactly relate to them.

In short, this is not a trek documentary. It is more of a travelogue of the mind.  

The zenith. Reaching Roopkund

Bones of contention. The intriguing tale of Roopkund's ancient skeletons

Looking down on a ravishing colorscape

Into the realm of snow

The peeking peak

Stark, ragged beauty

A fierce, surreal beauty

King's way. A mysterious flight of stairs at about 15,000 feet in the Himalayas

The first light. During the "summit day" of the Roopkund trek

A surreal sublimity. At Bhogbasa

The march of clouds. At Bhogbasa

Strange, surreal light at Bhogbasa

The land of clouds. At Bhogbasa campsite

The fuming dragon in the Himalayas

The hint of rainbow at Bhogabasa

View from the tent at Bhogbasa

Snowfall from the tent at Bhogbasa

The cosmic frown. At Bhogbasa